Summer Renovation Game Plan

Summertime Renovation Game Plan

New England is notorious for its beautiful but short summer season. If you have been thinking about renovating your home or property, taking advantage of the warmer, drier weather makes the home building and remodeling experience far more manageable.

Outdoor spaces are more livable. You can fire up the grill when the oven is out of commission. Sit outside by the fire instead of inside on the couch, and the lack of snow and ice means the property and building materials will not be exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures.

There is a lot you want to do in just a few months – and projects range from minor repairs to major reconstruction. So how do you prioritize these projects? Deciding where to begin can be quite challenging for homeowners.

Here are five summer-ready home improvement suggestions perfect for warm weather months.

1) Kitchen Renovation

Updating a kitchen is no easy task but the finished product is worth the reward. Updated kitchens add resale value to your home and just plain feel better to be in. Summer is a perfect season to renovate a kitchen because the family can spend more time outdoors and who doesn’t love a backyard BBQ? Pack the cooler with ice, grab your favorite grilling utensils and call it a staycation.

You can improve the look and utilization of your kitchen by:

  • Installing a backsplash behind the counter or on an accent wall.
  • Update the lighting. Consider installing new overhead lights to illuminate dimly lit spaces or add under-cabinet lighting for a finished look.
  • Install custom cabinets: Thoughtfully planned and well-crafted cabinets can have an enormous impact. Cherry-pick your finished hardware to complete the look.
  • Add an island. A kitchen island gives family & friends a place to congregate and opens up the surrounding spaces. They are perfect for home cooks and hosting guests.

2) Bathroom Remodel

It is easier to relax when your bathroom is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Upgrades like installing heated flooring, replacing old cabinets with a new vanity or sink, laying new tile, and replacing the hardware with water-efficient fixtures can completely transform a dated bathroom.

Our expert designer can help steer your project from concept through completion.

3) Build a Screen Porch or All-Season Room

What better way to enjoy all-four New England seasons than by creating a space that brings the outside – in. Consider an all-season room if you are looking to increase year-round living space. Screen porches are perfect for warm weather months while keeping pests and severe weather at bay.

4) Build a Deck or Patio

Summer is the season for outdoor entertaining. Decks and patios not only expand your living quarters, but they make your house more enjoyable, and have the potential to transform the look and feel of your home.

5) Replace Or Repair The Roof

Summer is the perfect time to give your roof the attention it needs. While a roof can last up to twenty years, it is best to repair and replace your roof before problems arise to avoid leaks, water damage, and mold.

One advantage of replacing a roof rather than masking it with repairs is that you can transform the entire outlook of your property and increased its curb appeal.

Bonus Tip

Summer months are the ideal time to start renovation projects that improve your home's look, feel, and value. If you have been thinking about making changes but are not sure where exactly to begin, Blanc & Bailey’s team of home build professionals will collaborate with you to turn your dream of renovating your space into reality.