Spring Construction. Think Outside the Box.

Spring Construction: Think Outside the Box

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent your outdoor living space and turn your backyard into an ideal spot for entertainment and leisure. You may be wondering where to begin. 

Start by considering your home’s existing design, new additions and renovations should flow seamlessly with your home’s current layout and utility. Start by highlighting notable features in your existing floor plan and landscape. Incorporating those features into your new project will draw attention to your property’s unique attributes. 

Here are 5 ideas for sprucing up your outdoor living space this Spring:  

1. Backyard Firepits

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space allows you to enjoy your yard well into the evening but be sure to check local ordinances for potential restrictions. Next, consider its function. Are you planning to cook large meals or keeping it simple with smores and casual entertaining? Next, pick a location and measure your preferred dimensions, this will give you a sense of the space in proportion to existing features. Finally, choose a material. Natural stone gives a more rustic vibe where stainless steel is more modern and easier to clean.

2.Outdoor Living Rooms

All the rage these days, outdoor living rooms are a true extension of your home. A fantastic place to unwind and spend time with friends and family. Best practice ensures that space will be both functional and appealing. Decide what types of activities are important to you and incorporate them into your design. Do you need an enclosed area like a gazebo or is an open concept more your style, in which case you could frame in your space with lattice or an awning? Regardless of the route you take, installing an outdoor living room will add value to your home and offer a convenient, feel-good space to host loved ones. 

3. Smart Decks 

Smart decks allow for easy control of lighting, music, television, heating, hot tubs, and gas features in your outdoor space. Smart systems are programmable and can be accessed with your smartphone or any mobile device. If you have an existing home automation system, try to integrate the same system throughout the home’s exterior. If that’s not possible, make a list of the features you need to control using a smart deck system and speak to a professional building contractor who has experience installing these types of systems for recommendations. 

4. Fencing

Fences are a fantastic addition and offer privacy and protection for your family and pets. They also add an aesthetic element for your yard by creating a visual boundary. Fencing can serve as

a backdrop for garden beds while supporting pots, highlighting ornamental objects, and keeping aggressive plants in check. 

They are available in various shapes, materials, sizes, and colors, allowing you to adapt them to your home’s aesthetic. From functional to fancy, choosing the right type of building material matters. Consider the finished look, temperature, moisture, and overall environment to make sure your fence will survive the elements and stand the test of time. 

5. Outdoor Patios

The often-overlooked backyard patio is an excellent option to highlight your home's exterior while showcasing your unique style, but careful planning is essential. Generally placed in close proximity to other high-traffic areas of your home, the perfect outdoor patio must offer privacy, and protection from rain, wind, and constant sun. Consider the location of your new patio, the natural light the area receives and the overall purpose of the area. Your seating requirements  and fixtures will help determine the size of your space.