Red Dog Recycling


Welcome to Red Dog Trash & Transport, your premier choice for comprehensive trash services in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. We proudly provide residential, commercial and industrial waste removal services to Charlestown, NH, and surrounding towns within a 10-mile radius, with plans to expand our reliable services to Stratton and nearby areas. Whether you are a homeowner tackling a major cleanup project, a business needing large-scale waste removal, or an industrial client requiring heavy-duty waste management, Red Dog Trash & Transport is here to meet your needs with efficiency and professionalism.

Our services cover a wide range of waste types, including general waste, construction debris, and items from building cleanouts, while strictly prohibiting hazardous materials, items with Freon, car batteries, and liquid waste. We offer 12 to 15-yard roll-off dumpsters with a lead time for delivery of less than 24 hours, and we provide both standard and emergency delivery and removal options. Our commitment to environmental responsibility means we recycle whenever possible, ensuring that your waste is handled in the most eco-friendly manner.

With transparent pricing and a variety of additional services such as bulk item pickup and yard waste removal, Red Dog Trash & Transport is fully licensed and insured, ready to offer you peace of mind and exceptional service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your trash removal needs.

Types of Transport Provided

We provide heavy duty, medium, and light duty transport for items such as:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Non-auto merchandise
  • Manufacturing commodities

Service Areas

We cover the entire North East

Size & Weight Limitations

  • Permitted for overweight and over-width in VT/NH
  • Max load: approximately 80,000 lbs

Lead Time & Tracking

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Direct communication between the driver and client

Delays & Damage Policy

  • Clients are kept informed about delays
  • Damage claims handled by our insurance carrier

Safety Measures

  • Registered as a Federal DOT carrier
  • Adherence to manufacturer’s load securing requirements

Pricing & Payment Options

  • $125 per hour or mileage rate, depending on the details