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Potato Barn Historical Renovation

Potato Barn Historical Renovation

With a rich history dating back to 1880, the Potato Barn has undergone an impressive restoration. This challenging endeavor involved addressing substantial rot that had caused the structure to lean precariously.

Blanc & Bailey worked in unison with a the clients design and engineering team to successfully tackled the restoration by removing and rebuilding the bottom 22 feet of the main barn. To ensure stability, a steel superstructure was implemented to support the building. The top floor of the barn, featuring a beautifully restored wood timber frame, has been transformed into an exquisite event venue.

Today, the Potato Barn seamlessly blends modern-day elegance with its original historic charm. Reclaimed wood contributes to the rustic ambiance of the facility, while each chandelier adds a touch of romance.

Project Details


Potato Barn at Walpole Inn


Walpole, NH


April 2015

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