Design & Build

As a Design / Build contractor, we combine design and construction services from one source, providing you with a seamless, cost-effective project. If you are building or renovating a home, it requires the coordination of many different trades -- from designers and engineers, to suppliers and craftsmen.

The Design-Build process simplifies everything

for maximum project and budget efficiency.


Affordable Production

Design/build firms have made customized design services affordable to a wider population. Blanc & Bailey Construction will produce a design that you love, at a cost that you can afford.

Our plans focus on production, function and construction, ensuring that you will love the design and that it can be constructed within your budget.

Practical Knowledge

When the construction company is also your design team, it is more likely that your project is buildable and feasible. The design/builder has the knowledge of building products, warranties and competitive pricing.

This translates to knowing what products and building techniques are best suited for your project within your budget.

Cost-Effective Plans

Working with a design/builder results in a single source of accountability who has the knowledge and expertise to design and construct your project within a realistic budget.

Hands-on knowledge of the design requirements aids in the estimating and purchasing process, which are critical to meeting a realistic budget.

One-Stop Shopping

We are involved from start to finish. We hear your ideas, understand your goals, and make suggestions to realize them, while managing the team who will ultimately complete the project, all based on your original ideas.

Being able to work with one source from design through construction improves communication, and prevents ideas from being lost in translation.

Adaptive Solutions

Design / Build contractors have a team of trade contractors they work closely with to provide cost and design feedback during the design process.

This approach sometimes helps to identify potential cost problems or develop new ideas for a better design with a more cost effective solution.


Hitches in the process are unavoidable.

When they arise, sole accountability prevents your project from becoming bogged down with finger pointing between individuals.

Issues are resolved quickly, and often without the client even knowing there was a problem.

Customer Service

With Design / Build, the relationship with your builder starts during the design phase. This allows your builder to learn what is important to you, and lets you get to know your building contractor before the project begins.

The design phase allows you to gain knowledge of the key contacts within the company, and its attention to customer service -- which will be crucial during construction.